Personal Assistant


Job title: Personal Assistant, Office of President, Houston Family Nutrition

Job purpose: To accelerate growth of a thriving nutrition and wellness startup through administrative, organizational, and communications support to the President and his office at Houston Family Nutrition Inc.

Reporting to: President

Based: Office at 900 Lovett Blvd Houston TX 77006 & Remote

Type: Independent Contractor

Salary: $15-$18 per hour depending on experience

Hours: 10 – 20 hours (negotiable) with flexibility in timing

Job reference: HFN-PA01

Contact: Moe Schlachter, President

P 832-844-0789 E



  1. Manages incoming phone, email, voicemail and text communication. Organizes prioritized follow up list daily
  2. Convert new and follow-up clinic appointment booking requests into scheduled appointments
  3. Collects new patient demographic and financial information for entry into Electronic Medical Record file
  4. Prepares invoices, expense reports, superbills, and processes payments
  5. Initiates outreach communication to patients, professional associates and potential referral sources to enhance service and relationships
  6. Liaison between President and other Houston Family Nutrition team members (contract dietitians, interns, marketing director) and maintains key document filings
  7. Enhances electronic file organization system
  8. Maintains multiple professional schedules for executive (clinic schedule, office sharing schedule, professional/personal schedule), arranges meetings, and books travel


Outreach and Communication

  • To be the primary point of contact between Houston Family Nutrition and its customers and other key organizations and contacts
  • To maintain a database of customers, consumers, and key organization contacts
  • To coordinate patient and provider appointment schedules, networking meetings, and internal team meetings
  • To represent Houston Family Nutrition by phone or in person as appropriate and available at meetings within the region
  • To maintain detailed and organized electronic files and data including invoices, expense reports, legal documentation, project files, and policies and procedures

Coordination of Office and Staff

  • To maintain database and subscriptions of company electronic assets such as Electronic Medical Record, client and clinician software, open source tools.
  • To provide administrative and office support to the executive, including: managing and responding to mail, telephone and e-mail, responding to enquiries, booking meetings, taking minutes, organizing travel arrangements and general office support
  • To coordinate on-boarding of volunteers, students, contract employees
  • To maintain office systems including IT systems


  • Other tasks as appropriate to the position and agreed to, from time to time



  • Patient and active listening
  • Confident and clear oral and written communication
  • Cooperative team member
  • Thrive in a remote work setting
  • Demonstrable record of effective working relationship with supervisors
  • Ability to demonstrate excellence in organization
  • Experience with electronic schedules, shared drives, task management software
  • Ability to think flexibly, strategically and creatively
  • Prioritizes workload and skilled in time management
  • Experience navigating difficult conversations effectively
  • Ability to represent company Mission, Vision, and Values


  • Experience with patient care, HIPAA, Health insurance credentialing and reimbursement, and Electronic Medical Record
  • Experience with bookkeeping, Quickbooks, invoicing, credit card processing
  • Knowledge of nutrition and fitness and the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credential
  • Experience with mass media
  • Customer service experience

About Us

Houston Family Nutrition is a fast-growing nutrition and wellness service company. Our service lines include:

  • In person consultation visits at our offices at 900 Lovett Blvd
  • Telehealth consultation via televideo platform
  • Mass media and paid public speaking engagements
  • Clinic contract fulfillment
  • Mentorship and education
  • Blog, social media and web-based Q+A
  • Professional committee service
  • Up to 100% remote work & Flexible scheduling
  • Friendly team environment
  • Paid training
  • Complimentary employee financial wellness through qualified 3rd party associate
  • Patient and supportive management
  • Access to corporate library of nutrition wellness information and resources
Vision Statement:

Houston Family Nutrition will promote health and wellness of Houstonians and the broader tele-connected community through evidenced based education, support, and practical clinical nutrition and culinary solutions. Houston Family Nutrition will distinguish itself as the foremost authority of applied clinical nutrition and culinary arts through its customer centered approach and delivery of unparalleled health outcomes.

Mission Statement: The mission of Houston Family Nutrition is to tangibly enhance the health and wellbeing of Houstonians and the broader tele-connected community by

  • Delivering the latest evidence-based interventions, education, and tools in innovative ways to reach individuals where they are
  • Measuring success not just by the amount of people reached, but by the quality of our relationships and the outcomes we facilitate
  • Collaborating with businesses, community and public health organizations to enrich and expand health deliverables beyond what is possible on our own
  • Contributing to the clinical nutrition and culinary industry knowledge bases through research, training, mentorship, and development of practice tools
Family Values:

Build Quality Relationships – Customers, students, partners, collaborators, supporters, and competition.

Maximize Resources – Don’t buy what is already in hand. Don’t reinvent wheels. Don’t search for what’s discovered.

Accountability – Be transparent about intentions and do the right thing.

Be the Authority – Prepare & Produce with Pride & Poise

Innovate – Every idea is an opportunity.

Simple, Fun, and Easy – Be down to earth. Make the work enjoyable. Operate with relaxed confidence


To Apply

Send a resume and cover letter to with ‘Personal Assistant’ in the subject line.

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